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The Tenerife hat is made of ultra-fine Jipijapa straw. Our Jipipjapa hats are elaborated and hand-woven by artisans inside caves, which provide the humidity needed to soften the straw and give it a silk like texture. The hats are dyed with natural dyes derived from plants and minerals. Due to the natural colorants, the tone of tint may vary with each hat.   

  • Jipijapa straw
  • Medium/Small 56 - 57 cm, Medium/Large 57 - 58 cm
  • Crown 4”
  • Brim 3”
  • Inner elastic
  • Blue natural dye
  • Ivory synthetic trim
  • Spot/special cleaning
  • Don’t get the straw wet
  • Packable *when packed, steam it back to shape.